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Company History

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Chang-won History

2015 03 Han Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. registered industrial machinery supplier
2014 07
FORM heavy equipment manufacturer approved
approved the joint development of industrial devices and Hallym Heavy Industry (Department of Commerce)
2013 12
The first plant in Gimhae
Designated as a promising Small Business
2012 08
Heavy-duty machine parts factory approval (Ministry of Commerce)
Pyeongchang second plant
Ltd. Changwon Incorporated
2011 03 Introduced the first domestic heavy-duty circuit kintec
2010 07 kmd-550 production start
2009 12 Pyeongchang first plant
2008 12
Global expansion (the United States, Japan, China)
Achieve export $ 5,000,000
2007 08
The first domestic production of industrial machinery GKO
Enterprise Co., Ltd. signed Contractors
2006 03 Heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing company corporate partners
2005 07 Founded in Changwon (Founder Chairman leehaejun)