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Web accessibility


Making the Internet space
where you can share information easily
to all people without regard to fault

Web accessibility (Web Accessibility) What is it?
“Disabled, the elderly, etc. to ensure an equal basis with non-disabled people to understand and access the information provided by the website”

Web accessibility compliance needs
If compliance with web accessibility handicapped, the elderly, including access on an equal basis with non-disabled persons to the information provided in the website and available

Web accessibility is guaranteed obligations set forth in the law
Web accessibility is guaranteed, “National Informatization Basic Law” and “Disability Discrimination Act on the Prevention and Remedies (hereinafter Disability Discrimination Act)” including obligations set forth in the law

National Informatization Basic Law

Article 32 (information such as the disabled and the elderly access using guaranteed)
① State institutions shall ensure the accessibility to allow disabled elderly people, such as easy access to the website when you provide the information or service via the Internet.

Disability Discrimination Act on the Prevention and Remedies

Article 21 (obligation to provide reasonable accommodation in the Telecommunications Communication)
① (strategy) for people with disabilities to electronic and non-electronic information, such as information that is produced distributed relevant actors should provide the necessary means, such as sign language, text to take advantage of equal access and non-disabled people.
Article 49 (discrimination)
① If the (strategic) performs a discrimination is recognized as a malicious act that the Court can be in prison or a fine not exceeding 30 million won more than three years for a party discrimination.