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Privacy Policy

'㈜ company (hereinafter Company) in order to help protect the privacy of the data subject pursuant to the Privacy Act and Article 30 can be quickly and smoothly handle complaints in this regard are treated with the following statement.
This Privacy Policy applies from the effective date, correct, delete, and if you have additions, the changes in accordance with the laws, regulations and policies there will be a notice through seven days notice before implementation of the change.

Process object of the privacy
The company handling the personal information for the following purposes. And that personal information is handled purposes other than the following purposes it is not available, if the purpose of use is changed, we plan to implement the necessary measures such as receiving a separate agreement pursuant to the Privacy Act 18.

1. services
When using our website via the homepage participated in services recorded information is collected and stored. This user will be used for to you, such as better communication between the website and users a better service. Also, collect and store personal information that is collected for the purpose of services such as consulting, quote shipment, including sites in the event.

Privacy filename based operating holding based / processing purposes personal information items recorded in the personal information file retention period
Main subject of the requested information within the consulting agreement informants
Ensuring operational transparency and professionalism are the homepage, making the estimated cost, company name, contact details, contact person name, mobile phone number, e-mail, contact information, attachments services until

Treatment and retention of personal information

The company holds personal information in accordance with the laws and regulations, agree to hold personal information when collecting personal information from the data subject or period of use, process personal information in a usage period, reserves.
Each of the personal information processing and retention periods are as follows:

Based hold: data subject consent
Privacy retention purposes: consulting, events, and estimate shipment
Collection Method: Main Page My consulting, phone, fax, Customer Service
Retention: Permanent (However, if the user has withdrawn its consent to the collection and use of personal information you request or enhance the membership withdrawal, or collect and if the objectives are achieved using or holding period, and the use of the individual user Information discarded without delay)

* However, collected for the bulletin via e-mail in the event of changes related to the published data of the e-mail address is personal information with no permanent library can identify the individual.